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GRAM Available in April
Subscribe now, and if you buy $100 or more GRAM on your first order, you'll get $10 in BTC for trading.
Cypher OÜ, a private limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Estonia with company registration number 14626039 and authorized to provide digital assets to fiat and fiat to digital assets exchange services by the Financial Intelligence Unit, under authorization number FVR000662.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, USDT and more...
Bonus Conditions
  1. You must have an account with us and have purchased at least USD 20 equivalent of GRAM.
  2. The bonus will be credited to your account balance on contracts' trading.
  3. The bonus is USD 10 equivalent of BTC on the day of the accreditation.
  4. The bonus applies only one time.
  5. You can make a deposit of a different currency other than USD, the minimum purchase and bonus amount will be calculated in USD.
  6. The bonus is allocated for trading on futures contracts only.

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$10 bonus for holders
What is GRAM?
The GRAM Token, is the payment token used in the Telegram Open Network Blockchain.

200 Million of Telegram users will get a TON wallet, making the GRAM the world's most adopted digital asset.

It will easily accomodate millions of users and thousands of decentralized applications to provide direct payment channels to transfer value in milliseconds.
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$10 Bonus for Holders
Anyone who purchases at least $100 of GRAM tokens will receive
a bonus of $10 in BTC for trading!
We're Super Safe
Your personal information is encrypted using the AES-256 standard.
Licensed to provide Cryptocurrency exchange services License FVR000662.
Bank Level Security
Your assets are held securely using the latest in banking technology.
Cryptology Digital Assets Exchange
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Spot Trading is for the exchange between different cryptocurrencies, using one kind of crypto, such as BTC, as the unit of valuation to buy other crypto, such as ETH. Cryptology supports trading for over a 20+ types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Futures contracts on Cryptology are derivatives trading digital assets as the underlying. You can choose to go long or short on contracts judging the ups and downs of the digital asset market. You can also take advantage of x100 leverage.

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GRAM Available in April
Subscribe now, and if you buy $100 or more GRAM on your first order,
you'll get $10 in BTC for trading.